Extended criteria donor (ECD)

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Extended criteria (liver) donor (ECD)

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Definition of ECD donors
The ECD graft represents an organ with unfavourable characteristics
associated with suboptimal post-transplant outcomes that
fall into two main risk categories: poor graft function and potential
for disease transmission. Within the poor graft function category
it is possible to differentiate two groups, the DCDs and the

The Eurotransplant definition refers to the category of graft
dysfunction. According to this definition the following criteria
defines a liver donor marginal:

 Donor age >65 years.
 ICU stay with ventilation >7 days.
 BMI >30.
 Steatosis of the liver >40%.
 Serum sodium >165 mmol/L.
 Transaminases: ALT >105 U/L, AST >90 U/L.
 Serum bilirubin >3 mg/dl.


EASL guideline liver transplantation